Auxilium International has vast experience in performing and managing major system integration projects that include a wide variety of technologies and capabilities. 

Our system integration projects range from ISR, SOA, AOC Weapon System, Information Operations, C4, Intel, Cyber Security, Broadcast Systems, Kill Chain Management, and Border Security. 



We have supported numerous government agencies in the design and integration phases of legacy systems, new start projects, and COTS systems to include:

  • Developing and implementing technological development strategies, plans, and systems architectures
  • Develop complex system analysis; resolved system-level design conflicts
  • Functional system architecture development
  • Logical and physical design
  • Providing requirements traceability from system design documents, through testing, and back to revised system designs
  • Develop system specifications and requirements
  • Perform system integration studies to assess viable options
  • Component design and system integration for complex IT, ISR, and C4
  • Integrating disparate stovepiped systems
  • Review and evaluate system functionality
  • Obtain, install and test modified components
  • Maintain, modify, augment, and enhance systems


Rapid changes in the threats and challenges in today's environment requires agencies to be more agile and responsive.