Auxilium International is experienced in performing SIGINT operations.  We understand the importance of intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether between people (COMINT) or ELINT (monitoring of electronic signals not directly used in communication) or combinations of the two.  

As sensitive information is often encrypted, signals intelligence often involves the use of cryptanalysis.  Also, traffic analysis—the study of who is signaling whom and in what quantity—can often produce valuable information, even when the messages themselves cannot be decrypted. 

SIGINT starts with generating an Electronic order of battle (EOB) which requires identifying SIGINT emitters in an area of interest, determining their geographic location or range of mobility, characterizing their signals, and, where possible, determining their role in the broader organizational order of battle.  

Five critical sources of information include:

  • FRRS: Frequency Resource Record System
  • BEI: Background Environment Information
  • SCS: Spectrum Certification System
  • EC/S: Equipment Characteristics/Space
  • TACDB: platform lists sorted by nomenclature


Rapid changes in the threats and challenges in today's environment requires agencies to be more agile and responsive.